I get a lot of requests for resources about how I learned about raymarching fractals or general computer graphics stuff. So I started this handy guide where I will add links and info about where I learned some things.

Also I wish there was more active demoscene community in san francisco / austin / la / wherever so hopeflly somebody finds this helpful.

Raymarching Distance Functions & Fractals

It used to be that you had to dig through FractalForums or pouet.net to find little nuggets of new techniques or ideas. But many smart people that have been doing much longer than I have condensed this knowledge into some articles. Here are a few that have helped me out on my journey.

Mercury Demogroup

Mercury.sexy demogroup has created a distance field library with some cool stuff in there. Except they said that fractals are boring.


Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen (creator of Fragmentarium and Structure Synth) has an excellent site with some great articles on distance field fractal rendering.

Inigo Quilez

http://www.iquilezles.org/ this guy’s home page is incredible I learned a ton of awesome stuff about graphics, shaders, and raymarching. Here are some articles I still refer to:

General OpenGL / Math

Song Ho Ahn has some pages that I find myself coming back to when looking for matrix help:

Also GPU Gems is super legit and especially the chapter about fluid simulation. I’ve never taken college-level physics but was able to implement a GLSL navier-stokes pipline in a few days with it!

GLSL Programming tools

Interactive Shader Format

https://www.interactiveshaderformat.com Mad by the good folks at VIDVOX (creators of VDMX. The cool thing is that these can be saved as .fs files and dragged directly into VDMX. The parameters can be hooked up to audio analysis and LFO, OSC, MIDI, Wiimote, you name it! I have a few here that I have made, feel free to poke around.


another awesome resource and great community. Maybe I will add some of my favorite shaders in here eventually. You can find all kinds of stuff from basic tutorials to bind blowing fullly produced demo stuff. https://www.shadertoy.com

VJ Programs

Programs Supporting Interactive Shader Format

These run custom shaders which can do audio analysis and parameter automation for your GLSL shaders with ISF * VDMX drag the .fs file into a Media Bin. These guys are awesome and will give you a discount if you write shaders on the interactive shader format website above. * Magic Music Visuals you have to put the .fs files in a special folder somewhere and go to Help > Additional Module Folders to hook it up.


Other Inspiration