John Legend

Jun 2020

John Legend live charity show

John Legend’s “Bigger Love”

After a brief coronavirus-induced break at Wave, we rented out a studio to set up a Yamaha electric grand piano and get the man JOHN LEGEND HIMSELF into the xsens suit to do a live performance.

We raised almost $10k for FREEAMERICA

behind the scenes

Left: BOBBY was our mocap stand in for a lot of tests. And he CUT THE LINE at Whole Foods 1 hour before the set so that he could get John a WHOLE COOKED CHICKEN which we learned is the most important thing so that he can sing good.

My role was the Technical Director for the live event, making sure everything was operating correctly on the stream and Wave Custom Software. I basicallly got a private concert ! Due to coronavirus restrictions I was the only personnel allowed in the room, except for John’s sound guy.

broadcast Team

Sheltron - Technical Director

Lisa Kang - Producer

Tim Lobes - Stream Jockey

Tom Marks - Live Sound

Bobby Knutilla - Mocap dummy, General Assistant, did all the stuff

art team

Brenda Chen - Art Director

Aaron Lemke - Technical Artist

Mike Krentz - Concept Artist

Steve Duarte - Character Design

Sutu Eats Flies - 2D Animation

I definitely forgot some people but shout out to the whole wave team




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