Jun 2017

Hyper-Dimensional Odyssey

N-Fold was a collaboration with David Wexler and TheWaveVR at Strangeloop Studios, to create the first of a new kind of show in TheWaveVR. This is a 15 minute experience that is timecoded, with a variety of visual effects and audio reactive particles. It was a blast to work on.

graphics features

  • GPU particle systems based on Kvant Spray, but with added attractors for every user’s hands in VR, for immersive particle interaction
  • Video texture projection onto particle systems
  • Audio reactivity for lighting
  • Kinect capture with vertex displacement for Strangeloop’s avatar
  • Tendril monster based on Kvant Wig, with added tesselation and vertex displacement shaders, and smooth interpolation
  • Fractal skybox raymarching technique


live release event

reddit discussion

VR Inside (japanese)

VR Scout


Strange Loop: N-Fold show!