Jun 2019

T-Pain’s School of Business feature at The Wave

The first demo

Wave’s new VR motion capture studio was featured on an episode of T-Pain’s School of Business show which was pretty cool. I got to put a Mocap suit on Tpain. He is a funny guy.

This is the first time we actually showed this crazy stuff to outside people, but we didn’t set it up for full on broadcast and streaming (because we were still building that part). To see the first big broadcast, check out [REZZ - Beyond the senses]({{site.baseurl}}{%link _posts/2019-06-23-rezz.markdown%}).

T-Pain School of Business: Wave from Wave on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes

img first time streaming mocap data!

Some in progress shots of T-Pain’s demon avatar, mostly done by Dare Matheson and Nicolas Silveria, using Maya and Unity:

img img

img Wave Team! img img img img

This is the actual Album cover the avatar was based on. Note the shape of T-Pain’s shadow LOL img

“This is cool as FUCK” - T-Pain